oil and mixed media on wood by lee klein

Title:  Uncertainty

My work explores working within the confines of intuition.  The process involves coordinating the past and present. “Uncertainty” provides the viewer with a profound insight into Western Culture’s perception of time and space. Does Western Civilization have the ability to assimilate a new way of thinking that embraces a new way to see the world? 

I hope so.


oil and mixed media on wood by lee klein

Title:  “Uncertainty”


“The soul of the artist can understand and feel the reflection of the noumenon in the phenomenon.  In art, it is necessary to study ‘occultism’ — the hidden side of life.  The artist must be a clairvoyant:  he must see that which others do not see; he must be a magician:  must possess the power to make others see that which they do not themselves see, but which he does see.”
-P. D. Ouspensky-
Russian Philosopher

Lee Klein, Artist

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Lee Klein studied art at the University of Missouri – St. Louis where she received her Bachelor of Fine Art Degree with an emphasis on Painting.  Her work can be found in fine art galleries throughout the United States as well as in both private and corporate art collections all over the world.  Klein has art studios located in St. Louis, Missouri and Santa Barbara, California.